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I am back…again! Life has been filled with poorly children and other not so nice things recently and even though I am writing this blog post with a nasty cold, I am pleased to say that I have so many thing planned for me and my two lovely children. At the moment we do have so many challenges, mainly Master A waking up any time between the hours of midnight and 4am. This has been going on for so long now. It all started when he had chicken pox. Yes, I gave both my two chicken pox..all thanks to my shingles.

I do not know why he is doing this but he is not keen at all to be in his cot after waking. Could be reflux, could be trapped wind, seperation anxiety, I really don’t know but I need my sleep. I need my sleep to function so I have been bringing him downstairs and putting him in his chair and after he passes wind, he goes to sleep. He is poorly at the moment and is so unsettled so he often doesn’t sleep well.

I have tried massaging him and that does work to a degree. I really did think that colic stopped after a few months of age. Not sure what is so different about him. Anyway, once he gets over this bug we have all got, I am going to take him back to the doctors and asking for him to either have some tests done or be given a medicine that he can tolerate. He has been prescribed ranitidine and dicycloverine. He will not take either, not even in a dummy dispenser. I am sure that one of those would help him but I can’t get him to take it.

I have so many things that I have listed to do. So many changes to my life and I can’t wait to make these changes! I will be blogging about them. Some of them include actually trying to help my other half do some diy, help furnish this house, increase the variety of foods we eat. Being vegetarian, our diet at the moment, although OK, is boring. Nothing we make is amazing. I also want to start crafting, with Miss A as well as myself. I want to learn how to knit and crochet. I also have a scrapbook that needs to be filled so I also want to start card making and scrapbooking!

There are, I hope, exciting times ahead. Just need more sleep and for us all to be a bit more healthy!

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