Life is complicated at times!

As you can probably see, I haven’t been blogging that much recently. Life has kind of got in the way. Things have been non-stop for…well a year really. Last year it was pregnancy issues and gallstones. This year it is milk allergy, chicken pox and the worst thing of Dad dying. I haven’t had the strength to blog about this and I don’t really intend to. His funeral was last Monday. I managed to see my Dad the day before he died, he never got to meet Master A. That hurts. But my health and Master A’s health stopped me from travelling. However, even though he was unconscious, I introduced him to Master A when I went to see him. That made me feel a little better.

So yes life has been so hectic recently. Too hectic and too full of stuff that isn’t nice at all. If it wasn’t for the birth of Master A and Miss A being the loving, most beautiful girl (I am biased) girl that she is, I think I would of gone rather insane by now. They keep me strong.

Master A is not very well at all at the moment, nothing too serious..just a collection of things that are wrong with him, chicken pox, cough, cold and also teething. Too many things for the poor little boy to deal with. Miss A has a temperature, doctors thought she had chicken pox last year, I am not so sure. Think it was more hand foot and mouth. Time will tell if she develops some spots! 😉

I hope that this is it for a while now. I want a less hectic life for a month or two so that we as a family can enjoy ourselves! That would be amazing! I also miss blogging, I miss chatting with other bloggers too. Hopefully I will be able to do both soon! I am a bit sleep deprived at the moment as Master A is poorly. I spent most of the night holding him while he slept. Not good but it had to be done!

So this is a little update about what is happening and what has happened.


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