Cosatto Easi Peasi Changer review

Last year I had my gallbladder removed. I had a dilemma, I didn’t know how I would be after my gallbladder removal. I know I wouldn’t be able to bend and change nappies or anything for a week or two. Cosatto came to my rescue and sent me one of their Easi Peasi Changers. I must say, that it was and still is a lifesaver. I can’t imagine life without it. I use it all the time, at ever nappy change, even now I am better. It lives in our living room.

I love the fact that it is a clean and easy way of changing Master A. We have dogs and the dog’s fur gets everywhere, with the changing unit being up high, there is no chance of the dog fur getting in his nappy or in his clothes! My two dogs moult so much!

The storage in the Easi Peasi Changer is superb. I am just starting to consider using reusable nappies and the bottom section will be superb for them!

The side storage sections are superb for keeping all the little things that are needed throughout the day. It seems to be the place where my other half keeps the remote control! Makes sense I suppose! At the moment, all storage sections are a mess and I haven’t got the time to tidy them up for some photos. Master A isn’t very well at the moment and housework is the least of my worries..however this blog post is so I had to post this now as I can’t recommend this product enough. I will take photos and make another blog post and link the two together when Master A is better

I must admit, it does take up a little room, a lot less than what I thought it would do but certainly more than a standard change mat that can be leaned against a wall etc. However the storage that it provides makes up for it. You are able to keep everything together. The fact there is also a bath underneath the change mat, if you need to have a bath for your baby, why not get one of these and make good use of the space that a baby bath takes anyway?

For more information about the Cosatto Easi Peasi Changer visit

So here I leave with you with a picture of Master A on his changer! Another blog post with photos will be posted soon!

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