#Project365 – Days 33 – 39

This week has been pretty much the same, Miss A has been ill and so have I and her Daddy. Master A has got a cold now so even though it was Miss A’s birthday. I was too ill to do much for her unfortunately. However we have lots planned in the coming weeks so that should make up for it.

33. Miss A saw a fabric heart for her Daddy. However it turns out she really wanted it for herself! So they are sharing it!

heart, valentines day, early valentines day present, tesco, four year old, daughters gift to daddy

34. Didn’t take a photo today, so here is a picture of Master A asleep in his cot.

sleeping baby, teething, baby in cot, baby asleep, baby with red cheeks

35. It is Miss A’s birthday tomorrow so we knew that her Nanny and Grandad were going to send some money over so I decided that she could choose what she wanted. She mentioned to me while getting off the bus that she is getting a Woolly from Woolly and Tig cuddly toy. At that point I was a little bit worried I couldn’t get one for her as nowhere in Preston would sell them. BHS had some though..who would of thought! She got this present a day early as Nanny and Grandad let her.

four year old girl, woolly and tig, woolly, tig, cbeebies, cuddly toy, cuddly toy spider

36. Miss A’s fourth birthday. She really didn’t want her picture taken today for some reason so I didn’t try too often. I wanted her to enjoy her birthday as best as she could, I was really poorly, of all the times to get ill! We have a lot of things coming up over the next few weeks so they should make up for it. I don’t think she was particularly well either. She hasn’t been well for a few weeks now, going to take her to the doctors to get her ears checked again. Can’t believe my lovely little girl is four. Where has the time gone?

four year old girl, fourth birthday, micro scooter

37. Miss A got a delivery of Disney Princess Palace Pets toys for review. My goodness she was so happy receiving these! She loves Disney. She looks older in this photo, I think. Love her so much.

disney princess, disney, four year old, disney princess palace pets,

38. This day was hospital day for Master A to see the pediatrician. I have been looking forward to this day for weeks but also dreading it. Dreading it because to be honest, I have had so much hassle this past week or so to get just one more tin of Pepti Junior so that Master A doesn’t have to suffer with symptoms that I think is because of a milk allergy, but anyway that is in the past and I can forget about that now as Master A has been diagnosed with a milk allergy (due to my elimination of milk products and his symptoms getting better) so my lovely boy has been prescribed Pepti Junior until he is a year old and then he will be on Alpro Junior milk until he is three.

pepti junior, miracle milk, cows milk allergy, cows milk allergic baby, cow and gate

39. We have tried Master A in the jumperoo a few weeks ago and he wasn’t ready. Yesterday, he clearly was and was getting the hang of it. He is a little on the short side for it so we put a cushion underneath but he was happy in there for quite a while (not too long though as I don’t want him to hurt himself).

jumperoo, fisher price jumperoo, fisher price, almost five month old baby, baby, baby bouncer

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  1. Charly Dove says:

    A birthday party and feeling ropey, gosh that must have been hard! She looks like she had a good time though and seems very impressed with the Disney gift! Master A looks like he’s enjoying that jumperoo 🙂

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