#Project365 – Days 26 – 32

Well this week was a bit of a poor week. Miss A wasn’t very well for most of the week. She spent four days not eating. Plus I spent a lot of the week fighting for Master A and his possible cows milk intolerance. If you want to read about it..Another cows milk allergic baby? Is Master A allergic or not?

So these are the photos I took last week.

26. Tilly always makes me laugh when she begs and I managed to take a photo of it. Not sure what she is begging for here as we are putting Miss A to bed!


27. This is Master A almost rolling over! For the first time!


28. Not took many photos of Miss A as I have left her to get well. No good taking photos of a poorly girl! But here she is, clearly not eating the thing that she asked for..even with tomato sauce!


29. She is eating! Thanks Subway for making our lovely little girl eat again. After this she saw Peppa Pig Live. Think this helped her get a bit better!


30. If you read the linked post above, you will know that Master A could be cows milk allergic. This is the day that I made the decision that I couldn’t watch him struggle without doing anything. So Gaviscon out Pepti Junior in!


31. Well there was a noticeable difference in Master A, even overnight. Normally when changing his nappy, it is a struggle. He usually arches his back, his knees are up but here, not even a movement. The calmness of him is amazing! He is not completely better but he is sleeping a lot more now and just seems to be a lot better.


32. Master A doesn’t usually sleep much at all unless in the pushchair. Here he is asleep at around 6:30pm…didn’t even know he was asleep!


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  1. Clearlybex says:

    Arwwwww, bless E. If you have bought the formula and it clearly works goes to GP and tell them to prescribe it from now on… problem and resources solved! I hate how GP’s beat around the bush for months on end instead of solving a simple problem by testing forumla that has worked with a previous child :o(

  2. Rachael says:

    I’m so glad that Master A is doing better, such a shame that you have to fight to get these things recognised though.

    I hope that Miss A is better, horrid when they’re poorly – bet she enjoyed Peppa Pig though 🙂

    Tilly is super cute x

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