Cosyplay Change & Play Mat review

The Cosyplay Change & Play Mat is absolutely superb! Master A loves it so much. It is so comfy and the material is soft on his delicate head. He has eczema and it is the only thing we have that doesn’t make as red as the rest of the items he lays on.

The fact the cover is machine washable and easy to take on and off, means a lot to me. I do have a standard change mat that has removable covers but they are such a pain to get on and off. So annoying. The Cosyplay Change & Play Mat is superb. Master A looks so comfortable when laying on it. Now he is rolling over, I can see this just being used as a changing mat for a while as he seems to be so mobile when on the floor. I think he digs his heels in and moves about because if I leave him, he is nowhere where I put him. However, when he starts to sit up, it will be so nice for him to sit on.

The fleece top is so so soft, I would love to lay on it myself! The bottom of the mat is fantastic as it is wipeable and the mat is also covered in the same material as the bottom of the mat so if that gets dirty, you can just wipe it.

This mat has lived upstairs most of the time, it is fantastic to use in the bathroom. I often bath Miss A and Master A together, it is nice to put Master A on this change mat after his bath. It is much warmer than the plastic mats you get. The fact it is memory foam, it makes it so much softer and nicer for him.

The Cosyolay Change & Play Mat has helped with the bonding between Master A and Miss you can tell in this photo. She loves kneeling on it and talking to him.

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This mat may cost £30 but it is well worth the money. To find out more about this and other Cosyplay products, visit

I received this Cosyplay Change & Play Mat for review purposes

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