Baby having seizures? Blackouts? Someone must know!

Hello all. One of my friends has a lovely baby who has episodes and would like to know if anyone has had a similar experience. If so email me or comment on the blog (or tweet me!)

Friends baby has had 4 floppy, unresponsive seizure type ( but no movement) episodes, that last 10 to 15 minutes. 3 out of 4 coincided with teeth coming out the next day but no temperatures. He also experiences many episodes that look like fainting but these episodes do not occur when on Nurofen. He has been teething non stop since his first episode. 12 teeth in 7 months. Doctors do not think it is teething related, but possible epilepsy. EEG 15 minute and 24 hour was normal, as was MRI of brain and heart echo. I think it’s pain related and would like to know if anyone has had similar experiences.


  1. Kathleen Gillen (@sticks_n_string) says:

    Epileptic seizures in people *with* epilepsy are often triggered by stress, mine have always been very stress related, so to have them in response to pain is not a stretch at all. In fact, I certain I had one in A&E when I broke my toe because I was in so much pain. I can say the same about the time I almost broke my thumb in my teens. So yes, I would say its perfectly possible, and while unusual for full blown epilepsy to present so early, its is possible. And because the brain is forming so much at this young age, I am not entirely sure an EEG is going to be accurate until older. But I am no doctor, simply a sufferer

    • kelly says:

      Thanks for replying, you are the second person who has mentioned this condition. I am relaying the information back to my friend to see what she says. It certainly sounds like it could be this!

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