Year I Make It Happen – Decorate the spare room

Miss A will soon be in the spare room while Master A will be in her room. This may seem an easy process but it isn’t. We have to redecorate it and also move the boiler to downstairs. At the moment, the spare room looks like this, just filled with..erm rubbish and toys now!:

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The spare room before it was filled with toys and furniture.

Not really suitable for a little girl is it?! Well it will do but the boiler being in that room is a nightmare. It will cost hundreds to move. Ah well, once it is moved, that is that! Not too sure where it will be going but somewhere downstairs.

I don’t really want Miss A to have a girlie room, a room where it is all pink. I like a neutral colour on the walls so that she can have a choice of accessories (or a mixture of themes if she wants). Miss A loves Disney Princess but she also likes things like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, robots and things that some people would call boys things. I love this about her, once she decides she likes something, she likes it for a long time!

Storage is a problem in this house so there needs to be a lot of storage in her room. Would love a toy box to keep all of the small things together, or some funky shelving system so sets of toys can be stored together. We currently have a fold up bed (a bed that lifts and is stored upright) in the room that Miss A is going to be in. That will probably have to stay and her bed will have to be near it. The structural stuff is mostly done but I think my other half is keen on removing the brick wall between that room and the bathroom and put a stud wall up in it’s place.

We do have to get this room completely done this year as Master A needs to be in Miss A’s current room. I think that after we get the skirting boards done in the living room, my other half will have to start on this room asap. I hope that he changes his mind about demolishing the wall..will be so messy!

I shall have to ask Miss A what she wants her permanent room to look like. I think we shall have to take her shopping and see what she picks. I am getting excited even thinking about it!

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