Woolly and Tig App Review

We were very kindly given the opportunity to review the new Woolly and Tig App available from Apple. My other half has an iPhone so I was excited to show this app to Miss A. What I failed to realise is that my other half’s iPhone is old and full of work stuff but the app was usable, just a little slow and stopped several times. I wish I had an iPad but I don’t so had to rely on my other half’s phone. I didn’t expect it to be full and not be able to support this app. It was playable but it did stop  now and again.

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I definitely need my iPhone or iPad (preferably iPad as Miss A would be able to use it easier) as Miss A loves this app. The amount of giggling she did when she was playing with it. Her Daddy works so she cannot play with it until he gets home from work and then it is a little late.

woolly and tig, cbeebies, iphone app, ipad app, children's app

I would love to try it out on an iPad to see if this solves the speed issues. I don’t know how long it will keep Miss A occupied as there are a limited amount of tasks. The fact that Miss A doesn’t have much access to her Daddy’s iPhone, then the novelty of it could last quite a while.

I do like the app, the fact that it teaches the child to brush it’s teeth and other skills, means that the child is learning from the app. The schedule for parents to set up probably won’t be used unless we get an iPad. I can’t see it being useful when my other half is at work all day.

The app is £2.99 and is available at the itunes store


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