#Project365 – Days 19 – 25

Well what a week! It is a week that I don’t really want to repeat, well parts of it were OK but Master A hasn’t been very well and is still not very well. He had a non-blanching rash which resulted in a good few hours in the childrens ward. He is OK, well apart from bronchoilitis. The blood tests came back clear.

So because of this, the photos are a bit poor again. Next week will hopefully be different as I have plans and I am not poorly any more, I have had a cold all week and severe sleep deprivation!

19. Sleeping baby, he has been a bit poor on the old sleeping this week because of being ill but he looks so comfy here!

sleepy baby, sleeping baby, sleeping, pushchair

20. I bought a Fisher Price Classical Chorus Gym from a charity shop (£3.99!!) and both Miss A and Master A love it. It has certainly helped them two love each other even more (if that is possible) as Miss A is amazed when Master A plays with the dangling toys!

brother and sister love, brother and sister, siblings, baby toys

21. Took Miss A to Debenhams Cafe for a treat which we both enjoyed. It was the best day of the week. It was where everyone, even Master A was reasonably happy and content. Little did I know what was about to happen!

yoghurt, youghurts and preschoolers, debenhams cafe,

22. As said above Master A ended up in hospital with a non-blanching rash. Here he is just after his cannula was fitted. Poor little boy did scream. I am so pleased it wasn’t meningitis. Just need to get this bronchiolitis sorted.

master a, hospital, non-blanching rash, cannula, childrens ward

23. Wispa Hot Chocolate…bubbles! Oh how I needed this!

wispa hot chocolate, hot chocolate, cadbury

24. Master A in the best sleeping bag ever! His Gro Bag. I love it! Need to get some more.

ready for bed, baby bedtime, bed, gro bag, gro company,

25. I often see this monitor at night time, with Master A breathing being a bit bad..I either have to keep checking that it is on or get woken up by Master A crying at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5am!

angelcare monitor, baby monitor,

So as said, hopefully next weeks photos will be a little bit more exciting and fun!
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