#Project365 – Days 12 – 18

So this is Days 12-18 of Project 365. To be honest, this week has been rather boring as Master A has had a few issues and Miss A has been poorly so taking photos have been rather difficult. However I have made it, a couple of them isn’t of the children but they are significant and important!

So the first one is Ewan the Sheep. We finally decided to buy this for Master A as he has been struggling at night time. I explain more in day 13 and so far I have fallen in love with it, I think it really works for Master A, along with the other things that we have changed.

ewan the sheep, baby sleep aid, baby sleep, sleep aid, ewan, sheep

This stash of milk, I can see not being needed any more. I took Master A to the doctor on Monday and after a discussion with the doctor, it would seem that Master A has a lactose intolerance. Not 100% sure yet but things have improved since being on the new milk. The Pepti Junior milk was apparently accidentally prescribed to Master A on Monday. Apparently they do not prescribe milk for cows milk intolerant babies any more. Well at £27 a tin, which is half the size of that Aptamil 1 tub, I can’t afford over £50 a week on formula milk so had to get Aptamil LF. However they, I think, have got it wrong, if Master A is only lactose intolerant, then they are correct in saying that I need to buy the milk but if he is anything like Miss A who almost had an allergy, then they do have to prescribe it.

formula milk, pepti junior, aptamil 1

This is the milk in question, it seems to be doing it’s job and Master A’s symptoms of constant runny poo that is green has now become pasty but green grey. I am not too sure if this is because he is currently not very well or whether Master A needs to be completely cows milk free? Time will tell, but he is certainly a lot more calmer and seems less in pain with this milk..and sleeping better!

aptamil lf, lactose free, lactose free formula milk

This is Miss A when she started to get poorly. Haven’t took any more photos of her this week, well I have but she has been constantly snotty. No matter how many times I wipe that nose, she instantly produced more. She seems a lot better now so back at preschool tomorrow!

poorly girl, miss a, poorly, ill

Master A is teething as you can probably tell in this photo. Everything gets soaked as he chews his hands (have to put scratch mitts on still as he carved a lovely sculpture in the back of his head!) I am going to have to invest in some proper dribble bibs next week!

teething baby, dribbling, wet baby gro, dribble, teething,

First time Master A sat in the Bumbo. I don’t use the Bumbo often but I find it fantastic to get trapped wind out of my little ones, when they are of a suitable age anyway! I love this photo. Shame there is some baby sick on Master A’s front!

bumbo, four month old, baby seat

Yes Master A is sleeping here, I think he is camera shy even when asleep!

sleeping baby, hands over face, pushchair, sleeping

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