Project 365 – I am determined to achieve this.

Every day for all of 2014 I am going to take a picture. A picture that could be of the children or other things. I tried doing this for two years but for various reasons failed. I think it was because I tried posting the pictures every day but now I am going to take the pictures every day and then post all pictures of the week in one single post. I hope to do this every Saturday.

With Master A being here now, I have another person to photograph..and Tilly our lovely Jack Russell. There will obviously be photos of Miss A, who is simply just fun to be around at the moment and of our other dog Tyson, our Border Collie cross Dalmatian.

I took my first photo yesterday and I shall share it now. Here is our wonderful Tyson sharing the start of this exciting New Year with us. I wished that Miss A was old enough to stay up. We had Master A with us and it seemed a shame that she was in her bedroom.

border collie cross dalmatian, new year, dog

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