#Project365 – Days 5 – 11


So this is week two of the Project 365. It has been a bit of a hard week due to Master A’s sleep regression, teething, weaning…whatever is going on with him, I don’t really know but I have managed to complete the second week of this project. So here are this week’s photos!

5. Scary dog! Our dog Tilly and her glowing eyes!


6. This is Miss A on her first day back to preschool. Think she was very excited!


7. Tummy time for Master A. I love his eyes in this picture


8. This photo proves how much Miss A loves Master A. She was sorting his hat out so that he could see!


9. Weaning, weaning Master A started yesterday, just baby rice. But this day I bought a lot of shop bought food, I am too sleep deprived to get cooking properly just yet and we are normally on the run during the time that I give him some food so shop bought baby food is ideal, for now.


10. Master A in his new coat. Love the ears on it! Little smiler!


11. We went to Deepdale Retail Park yesterday and the new Morrisons at Deepdale. We decided to go to Pizza Hut. Miss A was not happy having her photo taken and kept moving and hiding.

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