Moments that mattered in 2013

I am writing this to firstly enter a competition to win an iPad Mini, thanks to emma and three and Lloyds Bank for giving the opportunity, and to basically reflect on 2013.

2013 was a bit of an odd year. I spent most of it either pregnant or in and out of hospital with gallstone/gallbladder issues. However this is a post that I will concentrate on the moments that really mattered.

Miss A. Well what can I say? I have got a very beautiful and wonderful girl. She means the world to me, and so does her new baby brother. Last year brought a lot of challenges and she made me very proud in the way she dealt with them. Seeing her become not a toddler but a lovely little girl has made me very blessed. She makes me very happy every day.

The birth of Master A means a lot to me. Even though there were issues, having him was amazing. I feel as if my family is complete. Seeing the way Miss A and Master A are together brings tears to my eyes. They love each other very much!

Having my gallbladder out certainly mattered! I had so many issues with that dreadful thing. Even though after having it out put me in hospital for the longest period I have been in hospital whilst having gallbladder issues, I am so pleased that I have had it removed! I feel amazing, I can look after my two children and I can eat more things now!

I haven’t seen my or my other half’s family much in 2013, what with being pregnant and being ill. So when a lot of them came to see us during the year, that was amazing. It makes Miss A very happy to see family. I loved the fact that all parents, apart from my Dad, which I am going to sort out very soon (especially now I am better and things are quietening down)  has seen Master A. I appreciate them travelling to see us. I hope to do a lot of travelling to see them this year.

I went to a few blogging events last year, I had such a fantastic time. I met so many wonderful bloggers and have learnt a lot. I have spent a good few years on Twitter chatting to all the lovely bloggers, to be able to meet them made me very happy. I hope to go to a couple this year. I am definitely going to the local ones!

In terms of house renovation, we have nearly finished the living room, have a water-tight bath so I can now have a quick shower whenever I want (children permitting) and we have all the hallway and landing plaster boarded ready to be skimmed. It makes me rather happy to see my other half making progress with the house!

2013 was a very strange year. I couldn’t wait for 2014 to be here but then the events of 2013 made it worthwhile with the birth of Master A and having Miss A around. It also made me realise how fantastic my other half is. He is amazing, a fantastic Daddy and having him and our two wonderful children here makes every moment of 2013 magical.


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