Finding a new bed for Miss A

I realised something the other day when I realised that Master A is four months old and will soon be out of our room and into another room. We need to get Miss A a new bed as we need the bed she is in as it is the cot bed. I would love to get a fancy bed for her, where there is storage or a little den underneath a raised bed. That would be fantastic for her and make things a little bit neater in the room where she is going to be in. She is going to be in what is now the guest room, the biggest spare room out of the two and Master A is going in the room she is in now, almost like a box room. Perhaps this means that Master A could do with a raised bed as well, one with storage underneath. I am worried about how to make sure there is suitable storage in that room.

I have had a look at Timeless Beds and they have a rather good range of beds that Miss A would surely love! I love the high sleepers they have available. However when you visit the Childrens Beds section the picture they have for the Cool Kids Beds, they have a raised bed with a Gruffalo curtain! Miss A would go mad if she had one of these beds and for it to have a Gruffalo theme!

At the moment the guest room is not child friendly and is really boring. It will have to do for now but we can slowly change bits and pieces, I can see a new bed being one of the first things that we need to add. It would be nice if Miss A had a proper bed and not a cot bed. Although seeing her in a proper bed will make me rather sad. She is growing up far too quickly.

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