My Fairy Door – not just for Christmas

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Christmas wasn’t planned very well, not very well at all. I had every intention of making it magical and everything but I had so many gallstone attacks and what with my gallbladder removal causing so many problems and me ending up in hospital again, Christmas was nice but so rushed, I didn’t have time to make it how I wanted it to be. Next year, I will. I am planning now for Christmas.

One thing that I received was a My Fairy Door. I think this is fantastic. This door isn’t just for Christmas, it can be for throughout the year. There is nothing more special than making Miss A happy and this door will certainly do this. So each time I feel like she deserves a special treat, I am going to get Miss A to sprinkle the magic glitter and when she is in bed that night, I am going to put a little something near the door. Miss A already knows that this is a magic fairy door and what she needs to do and what happens, she sprinkled the magic glitter just before Christmas, but someone (me) can’t find the photos we took. The door does need to be put in a more suitable place as currently it is in the fireplace behind the television and Miss A can’t really see it, it is just working out where it needs to go.

Because I feel as if I have a second chance in life, I want to make it special for my two, My Fairy Door helps me do that. Miss A knows that she cannot sprinkle magic glitter all of the time, only when Mummy says so. Could get expensive if she did!

The door itself is fantastic. Very well made. I love love the idea and it will remain somewhere in this house for many years to come.

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