Another cows milk allergic baby? Is Master A allergic or not?

I have had my hands full for weeks now. Master A hasn’t been very well. At the moment I am not 100% sure what is wrong with him. Doctor thinks he has silent reflux, bronchiolitis or croup..I am not 100% sure on the bronchiolitis or croup part. The wheezing and coughing (I know the coughing can last a long time) has been going on for weeks and weeks and weeks. The doctor doesn’t think he has a cows milk allergy as he is thriving but I have been in contact with Allergy UK and they say he can thrive and is likely to be suffering delayed reactions.

He has always had very bad green runny stools. The doctor suggested that I put him on lactose free milk, that got rid of the loose part but now it is green and dark grey! Yesterday I made some progress, the day before yesterday Master A was put on infant gaviscon. I am not a lover of the stuff as it constipated Miss A. Miss A had a cows milk allergy. It became clear after seeing the paediatrician. After a change of milk (Pepti Junior), Miss A was a different baby. She had severe reflux and silent reflux. Master A doesn’t have bad reflux but I suspect he has silent reflux as he has all of the symptoms for it and I can hear the sick coming up.

I found a list of symptoms at

Eczema – Yes
Diarrhoea – He did have when on normal formula milk.
Colic – Yes, the amount of trapped wind and wind he produces eventually is horrific!
Constipation – no, well he has now he is on the gaviscon
Wheezing – Yes
Vomiting/Reflux – Possible silent reflux.

Now I have had a bit of a challenge on my hands where the doctor said that they do not prescribe formula milk for cows milk allergic babies. I know they don’t prescribe for lactose intolerant babies but I have since found out that they should prescribe for allergic babies. I have told the doctor my findings. So hopefully I won’t have to pay the £27 a tin for pepti junior. A tin lasts half a week, if that!

So now I have to wait, I really do hope that I don’t have to wait long. The lack of sleep is getting to me now. It was OK when it was Miss A doing it but now I have two children, I can’t deal with it as well. I need to entertain Miss A. I need to take her to preschool..not got much energy at the moment to do much!

I really do wish that I could see the paediatrician today just to see if he/she thinks it is the milk and if it is, get it changed. It shouldn’t take long to diagnose surely! But I have to wait about a month. A month is way too long! I have no idea how to get seen quicker. I really want this sorting, it has gone on for far too long already. This feels a lot like what Miss A was, but slightly better as Miss A would never ever lay on her back as she had very very bad reflux.

I would like to say thank you to Allergy UK and Aptamil as both of their online chat and Aptamil’s phone services have been fantastic and both have helped me give the fight needed to get the referral.


I love this little boy so much. If I don’t fight for him to be better, who will?

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