Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow review

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I was sent a Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow to test out and I must admit I have had mixed feelings with this product. I absolutely adored it when pregnant, it gave me the support I needed but my fiance didn’t so didn’t use it much. He moaned that I was taking up most of the bed. In reality, he takes up most of the bed and me using this pillow stopped him from doing that.

In terms of feeding Master A, I couldn’t get used to it, it seemed too bulky. I am short and quite big so perhaps that is the reason why I struggled with it. I didn’t have enough days breastfeeding to get used to it. Due to my health, I had to give up. I now use the pillow as a support for Master A when we are upstairs. This seems to be the best ever use for it, for me anyway. This itself makes me having this pillow worthwhile as I have nowhere to put him while Miss A plays upstairs. I can’t be bothered to bring his chair up and downstairs so this has solved that problem and it means that he can socialise with me and his sister.

So my thoughts on the pillow is that it is fantastic as a pregnancy pillow, not so great as a nursing pillow but then I didn’t have chance to get used to it and perhaps my body shape hindered my experience. It is fantastic as a bottle feeding pillow and as a place to put a baby when not being held, in his or her cot and is great for making sure that the baby can socialise.

I can also see this pillow be very useful as a tummy time aid and a support for the baby when they are starting to sit up so there is a lot of uses for this pillow even if one use isn’t good for you.

All in all I think it is a fantastic thing to have when you are pregnant or have a baby.

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