Ranty Friday: Operation cancellation

Yesterday,  after a few weeks of…well hell, I thought the end to my gallstone/gallbladder problems would be over. I was due to have my gallbladder out. After recovery, it would of been the start to a new life, a life free from pain and a life of making sure that my children get the best life I can give them. As the hours ticked by and seeing the last person, apart from myself go down for surgery at 4pm, I knew that I wouldn’t be operated on. Even though I had an hour or so to mentally prepare myself for the surgeon and another medical person to visit me and tell me the worst news of the day, I still cried like a baby. I really thought that this would be it. I thought that I would have this chapter in my life over and the only pain that I would have was the pain from the operation itself and any possible complications. Before the operation, I was told the risks and I was told that due to what has happened in the past with my gallstones/gallbladder, I am at a higher risk of having the operation by open surgery, they will obviously start by keyhole but there is chance that it will result in it being done by open. I have accepted that and was mentally prepared for this to happen.

The reason that my operation didn’t happen is because they didn’t have a bed for me until the last minute and then they didn’t have enough theatre time. So they have penciled in two dates, the 13th or the 19th of December. After coming to terms with this, I have realised that if the operation is on the 19th of December and I have open surgery, I will probably be in hospital on Christmas Day. The average admittance time, at Preston or Chorley hospital is usually 5-7 days, most cases the full 7 days. There is one complication to my operation which will result in me ending up in hospital for several weeks, this is only a  1 in 280 case risk so it better not happen to me, and that is if they cut the bile duct itself. I have read on the NHS website that the risk is 1 in 500, I was told 1 in 280 by the surgeon.

So here’s hoping that it is on the 13th and not the 19th and that it is done by keyhole because quite truthfully, I am sick of being in hospital as it is. To spend Christmas Day in hospital. To be away from my little family on Christmas Day, and Master A’s first Christmas would be horrible. But still, at least after it I can make it up to them.

Update: Phoned the secretary of the surgeon who then contacted the waiting list person. My operation is on the 13th December and I am first on the list!

Another update: Operation is now on the 10th and I am still first on the list!



  1. Mummy Glitzer says:

    Oh sweetheart. *hugs* I’d be absolutely gutted too. In fact when an anaesthetist refused to sign off permission for my op back in April, I wept for hours. I had been referred (by another department) for a heart scan and had to wait several months for that. This is an op, which much like yours, could potentially make life a whole lot better for me and my family so I do understand to an extent. I have now been given the ok to have the op, it’s just a case of setting a date. I have also been warned I could potentially be in for Christmas. And you know what, if we are, as upsetting as it is what with having a young family, it will be so worth it in the long run. Xx
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  2. Mummy Barrow says:

    Oh fiddlesticks!!!! that is so unfair. After all that build up and mental preparation. I am so sorry you got bumped and are still in pain.

    But great that you are on the list for 13th. Here’s to it going ahead on time.

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