Ranty Friday: Hospital procedures are rubbish!

Some of you probably noticed that I was a bit upset this morning when I found out that my road to normality in terms of my health suffered a huge setback. I basically was told in hospital something completely different to what I was told this morning. As you know I have a gallstone blocking my duct and multiple gallstones in the gallbladder itself. I have to have an ERCP done next week to remove the stone and possibly the stent but not to remove the multiple stones so that means that I have to have my gallbladder out. I was told when in hospital the second time (last week) that I will be having my gallbladder out four weeks after the ERCP. Today I have found out that this is not true and I had an appointment booked to see the consultant on the 13th which I can’t make as I am having the ERCP on the 12th and I am not too sure whether I am able to see the consultant then or not due to the fact that I could still be in hospital then (different town, different hospital).

I apparently have to see the consultant before I am a put on a huge waiting list and the next date available is the 3rd of December. You may think that this is not a huge wait but it is if you are in constant pain, can’t have a proper meal and can’t be a proper mum to your two young children because of the pain. Also the uncertainty of the whole thing in terms of when the pain is going to happen is enough to drive me a bit mad. Both times when the pain has got really bad, I have been on my own with two children. This pain, I can honestly say is worse than childbirth. I am grateful that it isn’t anything too serious and is more of an inconvenience but after having a few issues during pregnancy and the fact that Master A is only 7 weeks old, I want to be the mum I should be.

I am not too sure why I have to see the consultant anyway as they are fully aware of what is going on and it is probably him that does the ERCP next week anyway. I can’t tell them any different to what they already know. I just want the gallbladder out so that I can recover and enjoy my time with my little family.

Well this is my first Ranty Friday, which is a linky run by the lovely Mummy Barrow.



  1. Karen says:

    Gallbladder pain, is right up there with kidney stones, and is apparently (I can’t say for myself, as I have never actually experienced it, but I have seen patients in pain with it) agonising and as you say, far worse than childbirth (at least with that, you get a baby at the end of it, and you know it has to end) and I am sorry you are being messed about with what should be happening appointment wise. I cannot imagine having to look after little ones, whilst in such pain. I hope they get it sorted soon! 🙁
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  2. Cheryl @ Madhouse Family Reviews says:

    Oh no, I really feel for you. I had gallstones and can vouch for the fact that the pain is horrendous. As they told me at the hospital, it’s as painful as childbirth but for that, you get all sorts of pain relief. Are your gallstones big or small? The only possible logic that I can think of is that they are small and they have to wait for the optimum time to whip them out when they’re in the right place. I had loads of very small ones, which are apparently the most dangerous/worst kind because they’re small enough to move about a lot, unlike big ones which will just remain in the gallbladder where they don’t do any real harm. I remember I was scheduled for surgery but a scan showed they’d moved up to the choleduc (? can’t remember if that’s the right name !) and they couldn’t do anything until they’d come back down a few days later. (I was kept in hospital and they monitored it constantly.) If you do get another flare-up, go to casualty. That’s what my told me to do and how I ended up having mine out. Hugs xxx
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    • kelly says:

      Thanks, your comment was in spam!! Naughty commenting system! They are small, I had another three attacks three days ago. I always go to casualty/primary care now. Can’t deal with that pain on my own. I have been successful in my fight and have my operation on Thursday!

  3. Mummy Barrow says:

    WHAT?!!!!! That is actually insane. How on earth can that be in the best interest of you, the patient, in anybody’s book?!!!


    I so hope you get it sorted out soon. That must be very painful. And all this guff can’t be helping at all.

    Much love.

    • kelly says:

      I have fought and fought and I now have my operation on Thursday. Think I have been having too many attacks for them not to do it sooner! Thanks for commenting x

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