Making Christmas special for my two children

As some of you know, if you have read previous blog posts, I have not been in the best of health. Things are improving, still in some pain but am a lot better. To have a date for my operation, the 10th of December, helps too.

I want to make Christmas special for my two. I know Master A doesn’t have a clue about Christmas as he is only 9 weeks old but Miss A does. She is looking forward to Christmas so much. We are very much in the middle of renovating our home and that is a shame as it means that my fiance is still busy with it and also with his work so I am busy trying to find ways to make it special. She loves Christmas lights and decorations and the whole magic of Christmas.

I want to also make from now until my operation special for her too. She has had to cope with so much. The birth of her brother and then for me to be constantly in and out of hospital has made her life a bit tough.

So the reason why I am posting this is to get ideas of what to do to make her Christmas (and before my operation) special.

Thanks in advance x


  1. Susan D Crochet Addict says:

    Here are a few ideas:
    Advent paper chains – remove a chain each day so it gets shorter and shorter.
    Thankful jar – Put a note in of something you are thankful for each day. Try and fill it for Christmas Day.
    Elf on the self – during the day the elf watches them to see if they are good or bad. At night they go and tell Santa. In the morning they have to hunt the elf. The elf can also be doing funny things.
    There is a festival – think it might be from sweeden. Your put your slippers in front of the tree. Think it’s about the 12th but not sure. In the morning there are sweets and little treats in them.
    Make salt dough decorations using cookie cutters and decorate them.
    Make cards and wrapping paper using hand and foot prints – lining paper is fantastic for this.
    Christmas Eve Santa avcidentally drops a present on his way past – its new pjs and slippers so they look good on Christmas morning.
    Christmas books – these get put away with the decorations and only come out once a year. Makes them really special.
    On Christmas Day we have sants’ s late delivery. After dinner when it goes quiet there is a knock at the door. When you look its a box saying sorry forgot to give you this. Love Santa. In it is a silly present for everyone who is there. You grt puzzles, fishing games, curling fish or anything silly. It isn’t expensive its just fun.
    Our son always gets some books and a board game in his presents.
    On the day everyone has to join in and play the boardgame.
    Hope there are a few you like.
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