Goodbye are being evicted!

After a lot of fight and pressure on various hospital staff, I have been told that I am going to have my gallbladder removed THIS Thursday! This pleases me a lot. I couldn’t go on like I have been doing. It is not fair. On me and more importantly, my little family. Seeing Miss A in tears when I had to get an ambulance to hospital really did hit me hard and it was clear that even though she is such a strong little girl, it was getting too much for her to see me in and out of hospital and in pain.

I got the phone call on Friday saying that there was a cancellation at Preston hospital. This also pleases me because I would of had to go to Chorley if I had it later on in the year. I am so relieved as the attack I had on Friday caused my biliary levels to go up and my liver damage to increase again. Thank goodness the liver repairs itself but if I had to wait the period that they first told me, I dread to think what would of happened. After finding out that a blocked duct, when left, can be fatal..I am so relieved I only have until Thursday to wait.

My pre-op is today so I am hoping that nothing today stops me from having my operation. Fingers crossed!

I am very grateful to the nurses and doctors on the surgical assessment ward and especially the doctor that carried out the ERCP. After I confided in him before my ERCP procedure, he contacted the surgeon/consultant that is in charge of my gallbladder removal procedure and he helped bring it forward to December and I am also thankful to the secretary to the surgeon/consultant who helped get it brought forward to Thursday!

I have never been so keen to be operated on!

Goodbye gallbladder..It hasn’t been a pleasure!

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