Gallstones, jaundice, simply falling apart!

I have not been blogging recently due to obviously having a baby but there is something else that is causing to be away from my blog. I am having a few health problems at the moment. All of it is due to having gallstones, one stone is blocking the duct and this caused me jaundice when Master A was two and a half weeks old. I noticed that my skin was yellow the very day that I had Master A. I was too busy looking after him to give it a second thought. Wish I did as the jaundice damaged my liver. Your liver is an amazing thing and it does recover, mine is recovering. However looking back, I must of been very very poorly!

I have had a procedure called an ERCP where they try and get the gallstone out but I was not sedated at all and can remember everything about the procedure and was awake throughout. They did manage to put a stent in and that solved the risk of the gallbladder rupturing and the jaundice.

I really did think that was it until the second ERCP which is on the 12th November but last week I ended up in hospital again with biliary colic and another infection. I really am so so frustrated and sad that the gallbladder can’t be removed until everything heals and the stone is removed. Apparently I should be having my gallbladder out four weeks after the ERCP. I am mentally prepared for this, even if they are unable to remove the gallbladder by keyhole. Ideally it will be removed by keyhole as the recovery is better and I am only in hospital overnight. I have spent too much time away from Miss A and Master A already.

So please bare with me if you are waiting for reviews. I have had a huge problem with my blog a few months ago where draft blog posts disappeared. So if you have been waiting for a review for a long time, then it is probably one that has disappeared and I haven’t realised so click on the envelope on the top right hand side of my blog front page. I now back up my blog every day that I touch it and I have a spreadsheet with everything that I need to do. My baby brain is worse with everything else that is going on!


  1. HelpfulMum says:

    Oh chick, sorry to hear you have been so poorly. I had my gallbladder removed in 2008 by keyhole and it was a very simple procedure. I even still have my gallstone in a pot. I really hooped you are better soon and that you get keyhole surgery.
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