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My November was a bit shocking to be honest. What with being in and out of hospitals due to gallstone issues and my gallbladder removal operation being postponed, part of me wishes that I could forget November. But most of me doesn’t want to. I have two reasons why I don’t want to. My two children. Miss A and Master A make everything that I have been through minor, when it actually isn’t minor. They are my world. I fight to get out of hospital so I can be with them. I leave before I should most times but I need to be with them.

I am so proud of them, proud of Miss A and how she has dealt with the arrival of Master A and my ill health. I hope that continues, especially when I have my operation. I am proud of Master A and how he seems to be an amazing baby. He only cries when he is hungry and uncomfortable with wind (and at the moment because he has a virus) and he LOVES his big sister!

So even though November was a bit horrific, it was made up by my two children.

brother and sister, baby and preschooler

These two mean the world to me

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  1. Adele says:

    Your children are gorgeous. It always amazes me how resilient kids can be when hardship strikes. Wishing you a happy healthy December with your beautiful children

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