Cosatto Giggle – my first impression.

23/07/2014: Yesterday my beloved Giggle pushchair collapsed five times. I have been told that this pushchair is not part of a batch that is known to be faulty. I have no idea what is causing it to collapse. It clicks back in but collapses again minutes after. The chassis is going back to Cosatto to be checked and a new chassis is being sent to me. I am willing to give the Giggle another go as Master A does love that pushchair and I rely on this pushchair when walking the dogs. I will hopefully be told what is wrong with the chassis and I will update this blog post as soon as possible.

As a Cosatto Brand Buddy, I was sent a Cosatto Giggle to review.

I am quite impressed with this pushchair so far, due to my ill health, I haven’t had chance to properly put it through its paces as I do find it to be a little big to get on a bus as the buses here do not have a big enough space and I am kind and think of other pushchair users trying to fit on so I do have another pushchair that I use when travelling on a bus (I am not going to mention and I am not going to compare my other pushchair in any way to this one apart from the bus part and also to mention that where my other pushchair fails is going across fields which when owning two dogs, is essential. I haven’t gone out much with the dogs since giving birth so this post is just a first impressions post. I will do a proper review with a lot of pictures with a link to this post when I get back on my feet.

This pushchair is fantastic for walking the dogs as it is good to push with one hand. I find it fantastic for going out to places like restaurants and indoor play centres as the carry cot doesn’t have any straps so I can quickly pick Master A up if he is crying.  Master A loves the print inside the hood. He is fascinated by it. The few amount of times we have used the pushchair, he has stared at it and then fell asleep. I love the fact that my bag, my Mia Tui bag stays put on the puschair handle. OK I am comparing to my other pushchair but it needs to be said right?

It is a reasonably sized pushchair but not in comparison to most pushchairs. The pushchair does seem to be well made. I have found lifting it up by the handle makes it a little bit unstable but lifting the front up by the handle is fine. I have found getting the carry cot off is a little difficult, could be because it is new. I suppose at least it won’t just fall off.

So as said, I will be doing a proper review of the Cosatto Giggle when I have had a proper use of it, hopefully starting in a few weeks time (after my operation) in the meantime this is just my first thoughts on a pushchair that is going to make dog walking, I think, that much easier!

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Some photos of the important things that the Cosatto Giggle does for us! A sleeping baby and a bag that stays put!

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