WaterBaby Care review – pregnancy vitamin drink

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I was kindly sent several bottles of WaterBaby Care to test out.

I am all for products that have added vitamins in, especially when pregnant. I was very very impressed with this drink and loved it! It is a fantastic way to get some added nutrition when pregnant. Folic acid is very important when pregnant, I take supplements and they are very useful but a bit boring. Waterbaby is a fantastic way to get what is needed when pregnant. The flavour of the drink is fantastic! I loved it so much it was difficult not to drink them all in a day, but then I was sure to overdose myself on vitamins!

The product is suitable for vegetarians, which is good for me. Each bottle provides you with the required amount of folic acid needed in pregnancy. This is fantastic! It also contains B vitamins, zinc and calcium. I must admit the addition of iron may be good as what with me being vegetarian, I am very conscious of my iron levels and because I usually hate most foods when pregnant, it would of been nice to have a top up of iron as well.

So in all a very pleasant and beneficial drink! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is pregnant!


Note: this post magically disappeared and I have only just realised that it has gone along with other posts that I had in drafts/blogged.



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