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I was sent two bars of each the strawberry and chocolate flavour Bump to Baby Nutrition Bars and two bottles of Water Our Way.

I loved the bars but am not a lover of the Water our Way. It is OK but it wouldn’t be my favourite way of getting some nutrients!

I usually take tablets to get the nutrients needed in pregnancy, they usually give me at least 100% of the RDA needed, however these products give you a percentage of the nutrients needed. I think this is great as you should be getting enough nutrients from food, however when pregnant, I often don’t want the things that provide the nutrients needed so need a boost so may need to have supplements as well as these or make sure I have more than one product that gives the desired nutrients for the baby to grow.

It was nice to have an alternative to taking multivitamins and as said the bars are rather lovely! My favourite was the chocolate one (obviously!). There is nothing better knowing that when you eat something, it is giving you the goodness as well as tasting fantastic! It is a shame that I didn’t like the Water Our Way, it wasn’t horrific but it isn’t something I would chose to have again. I am rather fussy with drink more than I am with food for some reason. I would certainly tell people to try it though as it could be to their taste and just not mine!


  1. Emma Day (crazywithtwins) says:

    I tried these. I didn’t think of them as a substitute for vitamins though and not sure that’s what they are designed for? I took prenatal vitamins and omegas religiously to get the essential nutrients I needed. I found these products a lot healthier for me and my growing babies, than regular squash / cereal bars. They gave me a real energy boost too and provided additional nutrients to those in my multivits.

    All a matter of taste, like you say. I thought they were delicious! x

    • kelly says:

      I know they are not a substitute for the total vitamins needed but they boost them and if you have other things with them then they can be part of a substitution, for example fortified cereal. I have heard on the news recently that too many vitamins can do you more harm than not having enough. Not sure if that goes for pregnant women or not, I know that folic acid is very important and I would never not supplement my diet with folic acid, have heard about too many babies born with issues due to a lack of folic acid.

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