Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet review

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Sofia Magic Amulet

Miss A received a Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet to test out. To say the very least, she does like playing with this toy. I think it is cute. Miss A doesn’t know a lot about Sofia the First but I have shown her a few things on the internet about who she is. Anything girlie and anything to do with princesses, Miss A loves!

I do have a few issues with it. The cards are made of very bendable cardboard and because the card has to be inserted into the necklace to work, they are showing signs of wear already. I think they need to be made out of a more robust material or made thicker. Another things is the words that is said when the card is inserted into the amulet isn’t the same as the words on the card. So there is no learning with this toy. The necklace itself is impossible for Miss A to get on and off. I have to put it on and take it off all the time.

It is a nice toy, Miss A does like it, She has sometimes put the cards back in the box but she seems not to bother much any more. This increases my worry that they will get damaged and stop working very soon.

It is a nice toy and Miss A does enjoy playing with it, I just worry about the fact that the cards are so flimsy and the fact that there isn’t any learning with it.

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