Hotmilk My Everything 3/4 Wrap Dress review

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Hotmilk My Everything 3/4 Wrap Dress

I was sent a Hotmilk My Everything 3/4 Wrap Dress to review and I must say that this maternity dress is so comfortable! It is really versatile and I think it is a must for any maternity wardrobe!

This is the first maternity nightwear that I have had in this pregnancy. I really do love it. It is not a 3/4 dress on me as I am short but at least I am not tripping over wearing it! It would look a bit silly as daywear on me as it is at a awkward length but as nightwear or to wear around the house and perhaps as a birthing dress it is a fantastic item to have!

I don’t like the fact that you have to put the belt through a hole every time you put it on, I prefer it to be quicker to put on, I suppose it means that it doesn’t come undone so easily and it wouldn’t be a wrap dress without this, it is just takes a bit longer to put on. The wrap does attract a bit of fluff and dog fur. It is black so this is to be expected. I suppose it would be OK if I didn’t have two white dogs, their fur gets everywhere very quickly!

Apart from the two issues that is just my personal thoughts and very quite minor, I would say that this dress is fantastic!

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