Disney Princess Ariel Bubble Tea Set

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Ariel Bubble Tea Set

Miss A received a Disney Princess Ariel Bubble Tea Set to test out.

I must admit that we haven’t used the bubble part of this tea set yet so will have to update this post as we never have batteries either charged or suitable for battery toys and this pregnancy has caused so many problems recently I haven’t had the brain to tell my other half to buy some or be able to go out to get them myself. This hasn’t stopped Miss A from enjoying this tea set.

I will say one thing, they should really get rid of the holes in the cups. Miss A loves using it as a proper tea set in the bath and she isn’t happy that the water pours out at the bottom. But that doesn’t stop her from loving the set and it has to be in the bath every time! The stand isn’t particularly good in my opinion as the cups and teapots do not sit in it properly, it sits on top of the places that are mean’t for them. i would of thought it would be better to have stable areas for them to sit in rather than unstable areas for them to sit on. I think I know why the holes are there, to stop the child from drinking the bath water but it just would be nice for them to not be there or have the holes semi-cut so you can make a choice. Miss A does find it frustrating that the water just goes back into the bath.

Quite a nice tea set and even nice that it is designed for the bath. I will get round to putting the batteries in the teapot eventually!

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  1. Ally says:

    Hi did you get round to putting in the batteries? Overall do you think this product is worth the money (currently £14.99)?

    Many thanks

    Ally J

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