Bubble Guppies Rock and Roll Stage review

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She does play with it! Was on the floor!

Miss A was sent a Bubble Guppies Rock and Roll Stage to test out.

Miss A seems to like this toy. She doesn’t play with it for long but does play with it almost every day. She has not seen the Bubble Guppies programme before but that does not stop her from liking something that she has received either by us or others to play with.

At the moment this toy is permanently on the table downstairs. I often hear her press the button and hear the sounds. I think that is her favourite part, the sounds it makes. Often the toys are put on the slope and she likes to put her small toys in bags and she carries them about with her, these have joined the collection too.

I am not too sure whether this toy is too young for Miss A. It is recommended for the ages of 18 months and up and perhaps she would play with it more if she was a little younger but as said she does play with it almost every day, well that’s when I hear and see her press the button on the stage! I don’t see her push the toys down the slope too often but from the picture above she does do it sometimes!

So this toy would be great for an 18 month old, not too sure how great it is for Miss A unfortunately.


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