Better get blogging again!

I have been rather rubbish at blogging recently. This hasn’t been helped by my laptop being rather unusable with mouse issues and some of the keys not working. Also pregnancy has hit me really hard. I have had severe heartburn, Braxton Hicks and other things that have really upset my sleep pattern. I have also, somehow, lost a lot of posts that were in draft and because I have updated my blog since I can’t go back to get them back. I think I accidentally deleted them when I was ‘cleaning things up’ but not too sure.

I have quite a lot to catch up on and it dawned on me that I am not going to have much time to do this especially with feeling so rubbish but I shall give it a go. So there will be quite a few reviews appearing. I will try and break it up a bit with non-review posts but I am rather housebound at the moment. I am 40 weeks pregnant and two days overdue! So bear with me!

Miss A has been fantastic. She is off preschool at the moment as I can’t take her. I can’t walk much at the moment, these Braxton Hicks and the pelvic pain are really limiting. They understand, which is great. As soon as my fiance is on paternity leave, she will be going back. He can’t get time off work to take her, She has only missed two days of it so far but I feel really bad, she loves it there.

Anyway, I shall say hello again for now, hoping that once the baby is here and Miss A is at preschool, I have the time to do more blogging now I have a computer and the best thing is is that it is downstairs! Used to be in the bedroom but that mean’t that we could never use it as Miss A would be downstairs and I would be too tired to blog in the evenings.

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