What I have been drinking while pregnant – drinks to have

There have been so many times where I feel rather limited to what I can drink now that I am pregnant. I am not a big drinker of alcohol but did have an occasional drink with my other half. I do miss that, even now after over 35 weeks of not having a drop of alcohol! Another thing that I miss is lots of tea and coffee. I shall need a coffee machine after this pregnancy. If the baby is anything like Miss A was with her reflux, I will hardly get any sleep..but then at least I will have the support from the healthcare professionals this time. Last time I was labelled as a paranoid mother and apparently didn’t know my own child. I proved them all that I was right all along! Took over five months to do. Anyway back to what I have been drinking over the past 35 weeks.

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I have been sent several bottles of drinks to review over the past few months. I have been sent two bottles of Ribena Plus. There were two flavours, red apple and summer fruits. Both were really good but I adore the red apple flavour. Ribena Plus is a no added sugar Ribena with added vitamins and minerals. Depending on what the flavour is, the product provides you with a boost of goodness.

I also was sent a bottle of Shloer, the new limited edition raspberry & rhubarb punch. I must admit that this was nice too. I bought myself a bottle of ASDA non-alcoholic wine. The wine was horrific. Give me Shloer any day! I haven’t had Shloer for a very long time. I loved this variety. My other half didn’t but he is a very fussy person when it comes to drinks and doesn’t usually drink fruit flavoured drinks, apart from Suso and pure fruit juice.

Now for my favourite..I was very lucky to go for a meal while at Britmums thanks to Sodastream. Had a good time at Britmums, which reminds me that I need to blog about it. When I got back I was offered a Sodastream Source (this deserves a dedicated post, which will be done shortly) and some flavours to test out. Oh my, I don’t really know what I would of done without the Sodastream when we had that heatwave. It literally saved me, being heavily pregnant in this heat is not fun at all. There are a lot of flavours available. My very favourite is cherry! Oh I adore the cherry flavour!

So this is a round-up of things that I have been drinking. Another 5 weeks until I can up my caffeine!

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