Low platelets, high pulse and infection..joys of pregnancy

I have had a lot going on in my life, especially in terms of this pregnancy. I have made 30 weeks which I didn’t think I would. So happy about that.

I have spent a couple of hours at hospital today. Was monitored, checked over, swabs taken and bloods taken. I have had regular tightenings last week, they then stopped but started again last night. I should of gone last week to be checked but I hate being there, especially when it turns out to be nothing. I have had an infection which was treated, a very common infection to get in pregnancy. I don’t think I got the antibiotics early enough as I think that is what is causing the tightenings and the tender tummy. No contractions were shown on the printout when monitored.

I feel it is important to share my experiences on here as it could help others, no matter what the issue and how personal it is.

I had my glucose tolerance test the other week and that was normal but showed low platelets. My platelet level was 180 when I last had a blood test and it has gone down to 130. I have another blood test on the 15th and get the results on the 18th. I have had a full blood count today so will be told whether the level has changed or not.

Now one thing that showed on the monitor was the fact that I had a high pulse rate. It showed a pulse rate of 110. Little did I realise that when I was in hospital after the scare of my waters leaking, the heart rate was 140. I have had a blood test to check my thyroid. I have to see my GP to sort out a 24 hour ECG, luckily this can be carried out at home.

Really think I am falling apart. Really can’t wait until September 11th, or whenever the baby decides to arrive, as long as it isn’t early!

I shall update you all as and when I get results.

Edited to say that when I had swabs taken I did bleed when they made . The blood apparently came from somewhere other than where the baby is and when I asked whether it was anything to worry about, they said that it is always a concern when blood is present but the fact that where I was bleeding from wasn’t internal then that is a good thing. I just need to monitor it.

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