California Almonds Snack Happy Challenge.

Recently I completed 21 day challenge to snack on some very lovely and very addictive almonds. I did get a craving for these almonds and really wanted more than one packet per day, I resisted though and completed the challenge properly!

The aim of the challenge was to see if it stopped me from snacking on unhealthy food in between breakfast and lunch. I can say that it did! I did struggle in the evening though so looking back, perhaps I should of saved them for the evening but being pregnant, I was sure to snack on things whatever the day. I am very hungry at the moment, I know I can’t use the feeding for two excuse as it doesn’t work like that but I really do have an appetite at the moment, especially when it comes to naughty things! However the almond fix that I had certainly helped me stop eating  ‘junk’ in between breakfast and lunch.

I would like to start cooking with almonds although the only recipes that I can think of are rather naughty and that defeats the purpose of this challenge – to stop people eating unhealthy food! Will have to do some research and find some healthy vegetarian recipes that includes almonds!

Disclaimer: California Almonds has asked me to take part in the Snack Happy Challenge. They have provided me with all I need to complete the challenge. For more information about healthy snacking please visit

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