Total Greek Fruyo yoghurt review

Well I have been craving yoghurt for most of my pregnancy and I was kindly sent a lot of their Fruyo range and a couple of pots of their plain yoghurt. I also received a lovely cool bag which will be very useful for picnics!

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Fruyo – Total Greek Yoghurt

Well what do I think of these yoghurts? I think they are absolutely amazing! They are so thick and creamy and the fruit in them is absolutely delicious. I must admit I ate them all within a week! I am pregnant, I have a craving that needs to be satisfied! I am so pleased that these yoghurts are 0% fat! This is definitely fantastic news.

The size of the pots are just the right size, they certainly are the right size for me, but I did have to have two a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, but that is probably because of my pregnancy cravings! My very favourite has to be the pineapple one! I love them all and I mean all! They are truly amazing!

The plain yoghurt is pretty nice too. I am craving fruit flavoured yoghurts so I did add some fruit to them. I often add pineapple to plain yoghurts, this is my favourite way to enjoy plain yoghurt . I really need to start cooking with yoghurt. I am not sure why I don’t. This will have to change soon. The yoghurts last a couple of days in the fridge so you don’t have to eat the big pots all at once. Tempting though!

I would like to say thank you to Total Greek Yoghurt/Fage for sending these lovely yoghurts to me. I loved them so much, I ate them  in record time!

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