Sponsored Post: New TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Advert 2013

When asked to do a sponsored post about Total Greek Yoghurt, I jumped at the chance. Not only because it is sponsored but also because I have just reviewed some Total Greek Yoghurt products and thoroughly enjoyed them. My review is here.

Now on to what this sponsored post is about. Total Greek Yoghurt is a fantastic yoghurt and while testing them I totally forgot about the history that these products have. I have checked the website and it all started in 1926 – I never knew! The factory opened in 1964, that is quite a long time ago too! The products are good and that is the key to their success. I certainly love them, especially the new fruyo range. Before receiving the products to review, I had never tried Total Greek Yoghurt. I am ashamed to say this! I shall be regularly buying them now!

I only tend to eat yoghurt out of the pot and don’t really use yoghurt for cooking. I am going to have to start very soon. I am on a mission to improve what we eat. Being vegetarian, I really should be more experimental when it comes to cooking but I really am not. This needs to change very soon as I am getting bored of what we eat.

I think that I will be using Total Greek Yoghurt mainly for making desserts. To be honest, anything that isn’t too spicy is good! I can see another blog post or two about the adventures in the kitchen with Total Greek Yoghurt!

This post has been sponsored by Total Greek Yoghurt, but all thoughts are my own.

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