I am going to BritMums Live and have a sponsor!

I am so happy to be able to say that I have the opportunity to go to BritMums Live on Friday and Saturday. I am so looking forward to it, I am very keen to learn everything about blogging and I am also looking forward to meeting the lovely bloggers that I have been chatting to online for so long!

I am very lucky as I have a sponsor to attend BritMums live and that sponsor is Hillarys Blinds! We are renovating our home and it seems very appropriate to be sponsored by Hillarys Blinds. We are yet to get our final window coverings as we are still renovating almost every room but especially the front rooms are likely to be blinds as we have two bay windows and curtains do not look right.

I should really have my photo in this post but I look a right mess at the moment, I am tired, hot and feel a bit ill at the moment.

So on Friday morning I will be getting the train to London Euston and then getting on the underground and making my way to BritMums Live! I am so so excited. A little bit nervous as I am rather shy about meeting new people but I am sure I will be fine!

I am now 28 weeks pregnant so I shall be the one that is sitting down, struggling in the corner as it is too hot at the moment! I hope it doesn’t get any hotter!

See you there!

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