Home renovation: The front garden

Well I think I have mentioned either on here or Twitter that we are redoing the front garden.

front garden, laburnum, tree, soil, grass, grass seed versus turf

The labernum tree has lost its flowers, hope that doesn’t stop the grass from growing!

The back garden is out of bounds and a too big of a job at the moment. The front garden has now gained some more top soil and my other half is now preparing it so grass seed can be put down. We did order some turf but what with the baby coming in the next three months, spending £160 on turf compared to a few pounds in grass seed, the grass seed won. so we are getting a refund.

There is so much to be done to the front garden really, we need a new driveway and we need to make sure that every hedge is secure as our lovely jack russell, Tilly, loves to escape. Trouble is there are holes in the hedges. We have a huge fence in the back garden but we have one to install but my other half has done his shoulder in and can’t install it yet.

I want the front garden to be just for Miss A, I want to have a sand pit/sand and water table out there for her. When the back garden is done I want it to be segregated so the dogs go in one area, there is an area for Miss A and an area for us to relax. Drainage is still an issue so it won’t be an easy job to do. I need Ground Force to be on air again or something similar! We need to dig up the concrete driveway and do so much to it, it is way beyond what we are able to do. In fact we need DIY SOS as well. What with my other half’s shoulder, I don’t want him to do too much heavy work. I am getting rather fed up with living in a part done house…I know I have said it before. But what with me not having a clue about DIY, apart from painting and putting paste on wallpaper and my other half being so busy at work all the time, we haven’t had the chance to do anything to the house recently. Oh I wish that one morning I could wake up and it was all done. I may of said that several times before too!

Anyway the front garden is getting worked on and that is good for Miss A. That is very important!

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