Brabantia Wallfix with box review.

I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review a Brabantia Wallfix. Then I got pregnant and then my fiance hurt his shoulder so it has been sitting in it’s box for a while. His shoulder’s all better and he put it up a few weeks ago.

I think we have had a total of five days with enough sunshine for me to get the clothes out and to put this fantastic airer to good use. It is currently raining, the joys of Lancashire weather!

I do think I have had enough days to review the Brabantia Wallfix properly and I must admit that I am in love with it! I will never go back to a normal washing line again! The fact that we were able to fix it to the side of the house and put it away when not in use is fantastic! I used to hate having a washing line in the back garden because we have bird feeders and I always worried that the birds would soil our nice clean clothes. I worry no more! Just need to get the decent weather back and put the Brabantia Wallfix to good use!

I failed to take a picture of the clothes on the airer and it is currently raining so I can’t get a picture of it at the moment so I will come back and update this blog post when the weather gets better and I am able to get some clothes out!

I received a Brabantia Wallfix with box to review. To buy visit

I really love this dryer, I do think the price is a little bit expensive but the product is well made and you don’t need to have the storage box but it makes it look neat and tidy. To buy just the dryer with a protective cover visit

I know I wouldn’t be without the Brabantia Wallfix!



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