And relax!

Well that was a busy few months!

Visiting family, potty training – which is still in progress, poorly Miss A, broken me – sciatica and SPD and lack of sleep due to Miss A being poorly and a Tilly-dog waking me up at 4am and various other things have stopped me blogging and even being able to function. It hasn’t been all bad. I have had the chance to attend one blogging event and one blogging conference. Both I will be blogging about shortly.

Pregnancy is going well. I haven’t even had chance to update my pregnancy diary but to be honest nothing has changed apart from the development of sciatica and SPD. Miss A is doing well at preschool. Keeps on picking up bugs but that is normal. She is doing well in her potty training, she is taking her time over it and she does have accidents and when wearing pullups she doesn’t  care about weeing in them but she only wears them overnight and when we are out. I have bought a travel potty which is fantastic!

We are currently, or should I say my lovely fiance is, doing the front garden. We have bought and put down the top soil and we have ordered some turf. The back garden will not be ready for Miss A to play out in for a few years but we want her to have somewhere to play. So hopefully in a few weeks time she will have somewhere to play out in. This makes me very happy. One day the back garden will be done but we need to dig up a driveway and sort the drainage out of the clay soil!

Life is quite good right now, I can’t complain too much, I hope to now have more time to blog. I have missed it!

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