Walkers Crisps Hoops and Crosses review

I was sent a pack of Walkers Crisps Hoops and Crosses to try along with a very cute cuddly monkey! Miss A got the monkey, the pack of crisps..well they were left in the hotel at Wales. I was on a short holiday and we took the parcel with us because the postman stopped us as we left the house and we were due to get a bus.

We were sent the roast beef variety and even though I am vegetarian, I was happy to test them if they were vegetarian. However when the time came to try them, there were no vegetarian information on there. This is vital for me as I won’t eat something that isn’t marked as vegetarian and has the flavour of meat! So unfortunately I couldn’t try them. I got home and the next day, received an email saying that they are suitable for vegetarians. Bit late as said, they were probably in the bin at the hotel!

I did however buy the salt and vinegar flavour the other day and I must admit, these are very very good! I have had a pack every day so far..ssh don’t tell my other half! At least I don’t have several packs a day! At least I have got over my savoury food aversion!

I notice that the individual packs are not marked as vegetarians, if they are in a multipack. This isn’t good as when I am visiting people and they have got rid of the main wrapper, I won’t be eating them and they could of been vegetarian. Walkers, please change this! It would also put a stop to me disposing of the pack that I was sent..such a waste!

But regardless of this issue, the salt and vinegar crisps are lovely! I have just realised that Miss A hasn’t tried them yet. Don’t think she will….they are all mine!

A bit of information about Walkers Hoops and Crosses:

  • Each bag has 85 calories
  • Hoops and Crosses are made from wholegrains, have no artificial colours or preservatives
  • They come in three flavours – all suitable for vegetarians (prawn cocktail, roast beef, salt and vinegar)

I tend to have these as a snack in-between meals. My appetite has increased significantly recently. I am certainly eating for two! Shame I can’t get away with it!

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Miss A and the monkey that was sent – she loves it!

This review is also a sponsored post.

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