The Gallery: Self portrait.

This weeks The Gallery is Self Portrait. I think this photo describes me very well. This is me and Miss A enjoying being outside watching the Caribbean Carnival in 2010 when Miss A was a few months old. I will be starting the journey again in a few months time. I think I was born to have babies. Not too many, I think the maximum that we shall be having is three.

As Miss A started preschool yesterday, it gives me another reason to be pregnant again, so happy I am! Although it is for a few hours a day, I am a little sad still that I have not got my daughter’s company all the time. Greedy I know but I think she is such a lovely girl and is amazing to be around.

So this picture describes me well, a mum that enjoys being out with her family. I do love going out and spending time with my little family…a lot!

carribean carnival, mother and daughter, avenham park

Me and Miss A when she was a few months old.



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