My and Miss A’s SIGG bottles – a review!

Miss A has certainly tried several bottles for her water and juice over the past three years, ranging from baby bottles, to bottles that have developed for specific ages and now she has been testing a SIGG bottle to try out. I have been trying to get her away from toddler cups and bottles for a while and I must admit I am finding it easier now to let her have a cup with a straw or a cup with a handle in the house but when we are travelling, she still needs a spill-proof bottle. I think the SIGG bottle has helped me achieve this! It is perfect for her.

We have tried toddler cups that say that they are spill-proof but after a few washes in the dishwasher, they lose that functionality. The thing with the SIGG is that you shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher so this could make it last longer and it is rather easy to clean anyway! Miss A loves it and she loves the fact it is all pink and pretty!

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I was sent a SIGG bottle with a screw top and I love it! I must admit the fact that you can’t put hot liquids in this particular one is a a tiny bit of a pain as I would like to take tea with me sometimes but SIGG do make bottles suitable for hot liquids, I think I need to invest in one!

We take our bottles everywhere and it has saved us so much money by stopping us from buying single use drinks! Plus I can be sure that I have more healthier drinks than the drinks I would buy for myself…namely fizzy drinks.

sigg, drinking bottle, water bottle, travel bottle, bottle, drinking

There are several types of bottles that SIGG do and they can be found on the SIGG website.

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