How have I changed in 30 years #SpecialK30

I received a box of Kelloggs Special K recently and I must admit I love the new Special K recipe. I didn’t really like it before. I think I am hooked!

I received this box as part of the #Specialk30 Linky on Britmums and I have to describe how I have changed in 30 years.

So how have I changed in the past 30 years? Well 30 years ago I was one! I was a baby! I lived in Essex with my parents. Even my mum and dad were still together then! I had a thing for Boy George music, thanks to my dad I think. It didn’t last long! I was oblivious to what would happen in my life.

I now live in Preston, Lancashire with my fiance and Miss A, our lovely little girl and I am almost 23 weeks pregnant. From being a baby 30 years ago, I have now had my own and am having my own!

I have changed so much over the past 30 years, I used to be quite shy and a bit of…how can I put it…timid. I didn’t really stick up for myself when I was younger. That has changed. Maybe too much. I get moody more these days. Probably due to the lack of sleep thanks to Miss A and our dog Tilly. The lovely little girl whines at around 6am most mornings..good job I love her. One thing that hasn’t changed is the love for my parents. Even though I have moved far away from them, there isn’t a day goes by where I don’t think about them, my mum and my two dads mean the world to me. The rest of my family mean a lot to me too, of course!

It is hard to say how much I have changed over the past 3o years as there is too much that has changed. I was one, I am now 31! Everything is different now compared to when I was one. And I mean everything. Thinking about it makes me rather emotional. I have had a reasonably good life so far. There has been ups and downs, things that I would change, things that I wish I could change now but generally life has been rather good to me. I have a loving fiance, a fantastic daughter and am pregnant again…with a boy. I am well and truly blessed! However the fact that I have just been told that I may have sciatica…now that can go away right now!

30 years has caused me to go a bit more wrinkly than I like, a bit more fatter, and a bit too short. I blame my mum for my shortness. I am, however, about an inch taller than her so that is good!

Now for a couple of photos. I HATE having my photo taken and I am certainly not taking a photo of me now. I have just looked in the mirror and I am sure it has just cracked! So here is a picture of me when I was about one and a picture of me with Miss A when she was a baby!

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Look at what 30 years does!



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