Celebrating Cinco De Mayo – Discovery Fajitas Kit review

I was sent a Discovery Fajita kit and a jar of Cajun seasoning so I could enter the Discovery Challenge and enter to win a prize of a trip to Center Parcs. Little did I realise that we were going to Wales at the weekend and have a poorly girl before the deadline. Plus I simply run out of ingredients to go with this.

I have had similar kits before but always the mild ones. My mum got some really spicy ones once and that put me off spicy food for life.

So this lunchtime I did my best to use some of the ingredients and cook myself some very basic fajitas. I am vegetarian so we use Quorn for the main of the fajitas. I didn’t have anything else to add. No peppers and no onions. I was rather gutted but to be fair I want to save the rest of the kit for when my fiancé comes home tonight and have the rest. So after I pick up my daughter from preschool we are going to get the necessary ingredients and we are going to have a mini feast! I will update this blog post with pictures of how exactly we have our fajitas which is rather basic. We just add onions and peppers.

Now how did I find these fajitas? Well assuming that I do not like spicy food and this pregnancy has made me HATE food like this, I can honestly say that I LOVED these fajitas! The seasoning can be added as to how you like it, which is great. I put on quite a bit and I still enjoyed it! I think my pregnancy food aversion has gone! Thank goodness for that! Food was getting boring. I really can’t wait for tonight. I could easily have a few more fajitas but I won’t be greedy!

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I will be having the Cajun Season and Sauce another Day!


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