What’s that burning smell? Oh you can’t smell it?

Well some of you know that in 2011 I had a benign tumour in my parotid gland. This post was made  was before my diagnosis https://www.prestonprecious.com/2011/07/hospital-next-week-a-little-bit-worried.html and this was made after my diagnosis https://www.prestonprecious.com/2011/09/not-so-happy-days.html.

For the past week and a half I have been smelling burning again. Now I know it could be because of my pregnancy but it could be because of my parotid gland. Perhaps my tumour has come back, I don’t know but after some encouragement and a lot of thinking I decided to phone the doctor to make a telephone call appointment and she phoned back this afternoon and is going to refer me directly to the hospital and I am to have an ultrasound on my parotid gland(s). I am trying not to worry. I am not very worried but I really hope it isn’t my parotid gland again. The experience wasn’t very pleasant (as with most operations) and the fact that the tumour was right near the main blood supply to my brain and was quite risky, I am rather anxious!

The doctor said that the fact that they are going to refer me for the ultrasound directly, it shouldn’t be long before I get an appointment so hopefully I will get the answers soon, hopefully the all clear! If I don’t I am not too sure whether they are able to do anything before the baby is born or not. Part of me wants to wait but then it gives the tumour time to get bigger.

Anyway, here’s hoping it is just my senses being all messed up due to my pregnancy!


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