Today is my 20 week scan day.

I am the first one up, but I had a good sleep. Last night I started to worry. Started to think about what happened at the weekend. I remembered the nurse and the doctor not knowing how to do the amniotic fluid test. I Googled the procedures as I watched them do it. I think they did it OK but I think the timings were a little bit quicker than they should be. I found this in the process…

Now I am really starting to worry. I have had at least three experiences of feeling wet. One was yesterday. I know a few people that have leaked and have been OK but I have read that you may have to have complete bed rest. This can’t happen! I have a three year old to look after. She starts preschool next week. I have so many plans. I have two blogging events that I am going to in London in June. I know that I am worrying before things are being confirmed but after reading the above I can’t help it. I have my scan in a few hours and all will be found out then.

It is a shame that my fiancé can’t be there throughout the scan, only at the end.

All this put aside, I will be finding out what sex it is. That’s if it isn’t like Miss A and have it’s legs crossed the entire scan time!



  1. kay says:

    It’s always so worrying when you’re not sure of what’s going on, and pregnancy is such a stressful time. I do hope your scan goes well and that you’re reassured. x

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