Teaching a three year old to say things properly – impossible!

Miss A is getting really good at talking. After a bit of a slow start, you can have a proper conversation with her now. However there are two words in particular that you cannot stop her from saying wrong.

One of those words is Lego. She is convinced that it is called Mego! No matter how many times you tell her it is Lego, she doesn’t listen. The other word is piano. She calls a piano a piapo. Now she gets really upset if you tell her it is piano. So funny! She really really doesn’t want to accept that she is saying these two words wrong. I think that when she does say these words properly, I will get quite upset. It is another sign that she is getting older.

She says other words properly, as best as she can do anyway! She amazes me sometimes especially when she describes things that I never thought she would know about. Her memory for the stories I read her is amazing! She can finish so many sentences of The Selfish Crocodile and she can remember most of the food items in The Hungry Caterpillar.

Her humour is fantastic! When I am on the phone to my Mum, she tries to make us both laugh. It is so funny and both me and my Mum are in fits of laughter quite often! I think she is going to do well in pre-school. Wonder if they can teach her to say piano and Lego properly? She starts pre-school on the 30th April..not long now! I am happy that she is starting soon but sad as I will miss her!



  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle says:

    Mine say all kinds of words wrongly. I think children hear words differently to us and because thy don’t yet know letters and word formation then they develop their own rules which are often not quite right! Their mouths don’t finish forming completely for the first few years either, so they actually find it impossible to say some words at first.
    Unfortunately my Derby accent mixed with a bit of Manchester and Bolton mean that I kind of say ‘tarlet’ instead of ‘toilet’, which my 4 year old has always heard as ‘terlet’. Drives us insane and for the last 3 years we’ve been trying to correct it to no avail! He’ll get there eventually 😀
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  2. Stay At Home Mum ~ In Training says:

    My step daughter used to say concrepe instead of concrete. So sweet!! I hope your little one has fun at pre-school! Xx (popping over from blow your own blog horn)

  3. Erica Price says:

    We still have some problems with H even though he’s just turned 6. The main one is Bomato or Pomato rather than tomato. It comes though – this is about the last thing that he says wrongly now.
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