Pregnancy diary – weeks 15 and 16.

Well the past two weeks have flown by. So much so that I forgot to update my pregnancy diary! I am currently 17 weeks pregnant but I shall not talk about being 17 weeks until the end of the 17 weeks but what I will say is that I can feel the baby move! I have been feeling flutters for a while but put it down to trapped wind, which it could of been but the night before last I felt proper movement. It isn’t strong and it doesn’t happen all the time but it is certainly not trapped wind! I bought a doppler when I was pregnant with Miss A. I bled a lot when I was pregnant with her and it was a reassuring thing to have. A few days ago I found out that I can now use this now. So me, my fiancé and Miss A have all heard the baby’s heartbeat! Oh what a wonderful thing that is. I was paranoid when pregnant with Miss A, even more than I am with this one. I panicked every time I couldn’t feel her move.

I am feeling much better now. I can eat a lot more. Still a bit iffy with the really savoury food but it is improving. I am still craving yoghurt and I can eat them by the bucket load if I had that amount. I think I was the same with Miss A but it was milk. I really do hope I do not produce a cows milk intolerant child again. I really want to breastfeed the next one but if it is, I can’t see myself being able to stop eating dairy.

I am a lot less tired. It gets better as the weeks go on. At the moment Miss A isn’t so well so I am up with her at least three times a night. I have got what she has had so I feel a bit yucky at the moment. I will be fine!

So only good things have happened these past two weeks which is exactly what I needed. Was getting fed up with the bleeding and the worry. Seeing that ultrasound done the world of good for my mentality.

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